Shipping and Refunds


Domestic Shipping is $10 via Aus Post. Since I make 99% of the products, just allow 5 days after you've purchased it for it to start it's journey to you! Aus Post is under the pump at the moment with everything going by road, because's there's no planes- poxy COVID! But they're still all over it, so just relax and she'll still get to you quick as.

Also, the $10 is a flat fee for as much as you order yeww yeww yeww so get around it and go nuts!! It's literally just what Aus Post charge, no profit round here for shipping. When I make your order and package it, you'll get an email of the tracking number :) I'm based on the East Coast of NSW so if you're in FNQ or WA or somewhere and it's not there the next day, like, fair enough right? She'll get there :)

International Shipping is $25 also via Aus Post- amazing!! I've only ever had one international order ssooo if you want to know the logistics, come say Yaama!!

If you have your package delivered and it's ben stolen from your doorstep, or someones opened it and taken your cuzzy, that sucks arse but I can't do much about it ay I can't replace it. But for the most part, I'm real about shit- I'm human too- if it's reasonable, drop me an email or a message on the socials and we'll sort it ay :)


Hopefully you don't have to because eerrrthang is sweet and I made your item good..buuttt if you do need to return it, I'm mad approachable so give me a call, text, email, drop me an inbox on the socials or whatever and we'll get it sorted. Again, don't come round here spinning some yarn haha just be real and she'll all be sweet :) Just some things to know, get at me within 30 days of purchasing it, still needs to have its tags and unworn, can't return it if you just change your mind aha bless


Ouss Ous fam ✊🏾✊🏾